Welcome to the home of the Sandpoint High School Cross Country team. SHSXC is dedicated to Sandpoint High School Cross Country all year round.


What to expect

Cross Country is a difficult sport, and you can expect your child to come home tired and sore after many of our workouts. For runners who are new to the program we break them in slow and start their training at the appropriate level for where they are currently running. As they get into better shape, more is expected from them out of their workouts. I want to assure you that this hard work pays off, not only is your child training to become a faster runner, but they are learning very important lessons about work ethic, teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity. We believe that our goal is to teach more than just running, but to prepare them for their next step in life as well.

Your child is responsible for their actions, and they are expected to follow the rules of the team. To participate in Cross Country, they must to be passing 6 classes. They have to show up on time and must not have unexcused absences from practice or school if they wish to compete in the meet for the week. Drugs and alcohol are absolutely not allowed, there is zero tolerance for any substance abuse. They must show up on time to practice and are expected to stay for the entire workout.

We believe that the coaches and parents form a team with each athlete. Your support is crucial to your child's performance and if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call one of the coaches.

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