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Nutrition Info


People are always talking about the importance of Nutrition, but looking at our society there are many who ignore its importance and effects on health and performance. As a young athlete nutrition will have a huge impact on your ability to have enough energy to run and enough stored up to recover from hard runs. In this section we have put together information and links to help you in making the right nutritional decisions.

The following list contain information for you to download and review:


Iron is a major component of running and activity as the carrier of oxygen to the muscles. Low Iron and anemia can sideline performance, as well as lead to increased risk for sickness and injury. Athletes who have been training 1-3 years fall into the risk group, and female are at a much higher risk due to their menstrual cycle. It is recommended that female athletes who have been running over a year have a full iron panel taken to get a baseline, and have it checked yearly after that. If you wait until you are showing the full signs of anemia (lethargy and inability to recover from workouts) it takes between 4-12 weeks to build your stores back up to normal levels.

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