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Proper technique is absolutely essential in developing into a runner that wants to compete at a high level. Everyone has a certain about of natural ability, and the value of assessing and implementing the proper technique is that it takes you to a level where your ability alone can't. These articles are meant to be guidelines for you to review your own technique and make improvements.

Remember that everything should be moving in a forward direction, no side to side. Stay relaxed! Make sure not to heal strike and hinder that forward progress. Also don't underestimate the importance of core strength in running, having a stronger core will help your form become better. Read the articles for some specific information to help with your form.

Hill Running
Proper technique in hill running can gain you needed time in a race on the hill, and more important can help you preserve precious energy for once your are off of the hill. These articles give some good advice for both up and downhill running.

Racing Tactics
This is a section that will be coming soon, and it will go into different circumstances that you may come into in a race and ways to respond to them.

Mental Outlook
Half of distance running is mental, willing yourself to keep going when your body is trying to stop. The body always wants to stop, and its up to you to work on being metally strong. Be inspired and only allow positive thoughts into your head during training and races.

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