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Longer Inervals

Early in the season we start longer interval workouts. These are typically 1600 to 800 meter repeats that are used to start increasing your aerobic threshold and build your endurance strength.

Example 1: Willamette Workout

8 x 800 meters at race pace, 200 to 400 meter jog in between
Run nonstop to keep heartrate up. These are a key to learning to run at your pace as well as continue to push your pace lower. The key to this workout is that if you run a 2:40 first quarter, you should be able to run the next 7 at or under that pace. As with all intervals take the last one as if you were finishing a race.

Example 2: 5k test ladder

2 x 200m at race pace
2 x 1200m at race pace
1 x 1600m at race pace
2 x 400m at race pace
2 x 200m at race pace
This is 3.75 miles that simulates the 5k race well. You start with faster 200s, then slow a little with the 1200s. The mile represents that 1.5 to 2.5 stretch of the race where you are in your pace, then you finish with 400s and 200s to speed back up again.

Example 3: Distance Fartlek

Run a 5 to 7 mile course, and during the run jump increase your speed to your aerobic threshold for 800 to 1200 meters, then come back to comfortable pace again. Do this 4 to 5 times during the run.

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