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Circuits build both strength and speed. They are made up of different runs and exercises done without stopping. These are best done using cones and signes.

Example 1

Set up cones at a park with signs marking distance and exercise to do. 400 meter race pace
100 meter backwards
25 pushups
50 meter high knees
800 meters tempo
50 meter butt kicks
50 crunches
100 meter acceleration
50 leg lifts
100 meter acceleration
50 bicycles
100 meter accerleration
50 scissors
100 meter accerlaration
25 dips
400 meter race pace
400 meter recovery
800 meter tempo

Example 2

8 x 400 meters. After each 400 do 4 strength exercises. There is 2:30 seconds between the start of each 400, so there will only be about 15 seconds after the last exercise to get to the line for the start.

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